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RECEIVE an automatic SMS as soon as the power goes out


"Forewarned is Forearmed"


 If you are informed of a power outage in good time you can take the corrective action promptly and avoid disaster.


NEVER be caught unaware that your vaccine fridge has lost power

How does the iSocket work?

Insert an Activated Sim



2   Plug the iSocket into a

       power outlet and wait for it

       to connect to the mobile



3   Text Alert Me - the SMS

       stores your mobile into the


  Your mobile is now ready to receive power outage alerts

The cost of using iSocket can be

as little as

12 cents per SMS

You need to know there has been a power failure.

This gives you peace of mind and helps prevent

costly cold chain breaches.


This simple device plugs into the wall next to your fridge.


In the event of a power outage it sends an SMS to up

to ten numbers.


It’s extremely cheap to run, doesn't require anything other than a prepaid SIM card.


iSocket is an intelligent device that plugs into a power point and can alert you of a power failure.


This gives you peace of mind or informs you of a problem.


All iSocket products are designed and manufactured

in Finland to strict quality standards with certification to Australian and NZ Standards.


Australian 12 Months Replacement  Warranty  if faulty.


You don’t need Wi-Fi.  iSocket 3G will work with any 3G network anywhere on the planet.


iSocket 3G will text or call you wherever you are -

even in the middle of nowhere where only SMS is available.


The following additional features come standard with the iSocket

Made in Finland


All iSocket products are designed and manufactured in Finland to strict quality standards.

Remote switching


Connect any appliance and turn it on or off by texting ON.

Reboot when hung-up


Reboot your router or other IT equipment when it hangs up.


Just call the iSocket and it will reboot your router automatically

Free Apps for Smartphones


You can manage your iSocket from convenient apps for Android and iOS.

Incredible security!


iSocket has 3 levels of security:

  • protection with a list of allowed phones
  • with a password and
  • a limit for the configuration interval

Free of charge operations


You can configure iSocket to call you back to confirm the switching or reboot.


You call the iSocket, it drops the call, performs the configured action and calls you back. At no charge.


Order your iSocket now



Available from Focus Healthcare Solutions for only




including GST & Postage





You as the buyer is fully responsible for maintaining your mobile Subscription.


Focus Healthcare Solutions and iSocket Systems will not be responsible for any possible damage to your property or lost profit due to the use of this product.


Some of the listed features described above require the stable function of the mobile network and other factors that are not in Focus Healthcare Solutions and iSocket Systems control.


Focus Healthcare Solutions and iSocket Systems do not guarantee that the use of this product will protect you from problems associated with power outages.


Introducing iSocket..


the one device that protects you from Cold Chain Breaches



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